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The struggle over metaverses.. who will win the largest share of users' money?
  Many observers and experts confirm that the Metaverse network is the future of the Internet, and is the next major technological revolu...
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Hyundai doubles its investment in self-driving robots in America
rahiloun 24 مايو 2022
  South Korean "Hyundai Motor" (Hyundai) Group announced on Sunday, it will invest $ 5 billion additional in the United States to...
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With a slight metamask in the iPhone .. A user loses 650 thousand dollars of cryptocurrencies in seconds
rahiloun 03 مايو 2022
  Currency trader revealed how an encrypted 650 thousand dollars lost at the hands of fraudsters who infiltrated his account on "iClo...
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The most famous trading registration platforms in the world and investing in cryptocurrencies
rahiloun 02 مايو 2022
 We all agree and acknowledge that the currency trading encrypted imposed itself on the global currently Alaqstad;  Especially with the in...
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