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With a slight metamask in the iPhone .. A user loses 650 thousand dollars of cryptocurrencies in seconds

 Currency trader revealed how an encrypted 650 thousand dollars lost at the hands of fraudsters who infiltrated his account on "iCloud" (iCloud), according to a report of the newspaper "The Sun" (The Sun)

And Dominique had to Akufwn a large number of currencies, the encrypted value and "non-recoverable symbols" (NFTs) and saved in the application of digital wallet "Meta Mask" (MetaMask) before being able to cyber thieves from stealing.

He wrote Akufwn on "Twitter" (Twitter) that everything began to phone call is believed to be from the "Apple" (Apple), and it was suspected that it might be a fraud at first,
so ignore it.

But when the caller ID as the Apple appeared again and saw that Apple's number, he decided to contact him.

He said the crook on the other end of the phone that account Akufwn been hacked and asked a symbol that was sent to his phone.
But after two seconds, it was cleared wallet dead his entire mask.

Meta portfolio holder portfolio is software encoded currency used to interact with the special currency blocs chain Alaithiriom

The portfolio Meta Mask is a portfolio of software currencies encrypted used to interact with the blocks series own currency Alaithiriom, users can access the service by adding to it in the browser or phone application and then use it to interact with decentralized applications.
For Akufwn claims that hackers succeeded through getting "the initial phrase" consisting of 12 words which are important to gain access to encrypted currency portfolio and should not be shared with anyone.

It did not comment dead mask on the incident, but Grdt warning users "If you activate the backup process on iCloud application data, a portfolio that includes the setting Meta Mask encrypted with a password."
He added application "If your password were not strong enough, and someone conning your credentials iCloud own, steal your money may mean that."
Provided advice to users about how to disable backing up any Cloud "You can disable copy iCloud backup to apply Meta mask specifically by turning off the switch and then go to the settings profile and then iCloud and then storage management and backup.
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