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The most famous trading registration platforms in the world and investing in cryptocurrencies

 We all agree and acknowledge that the currency trading encrypted imposed itself on the global currently Alaqstad;  Especially with the increasing spread dramatically across the world Pema Arab world

Do not be surprised if we know that the volume of transactions in the trading currencies in the digital encrypted last month amounted to $ 2 trillion and which continues to rise,

In fact, this type of currency has become a reality that can not be neglected or ignored, especially as it now accounts for a large part of investor interest, particularly in the Arab world, with the digital currency trading in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan and other Arab countries on a large scale  .

In contrast, many analysts here, who voices warn of the risks of currency trading encrypted and negative aspects that may include scams and fraud after the number of encoded currencies 5000 coin the most famous

Bitcoin.  And etheriom.  And Alcardano and others

At the same time there after the governments of countries considering the possibility of adopting a central bank currency encrypted such as digital EORO by European countries, and with all of these risks and caveats, the demand for encrypted currencies through trading platforms on the digital currency continues to grow due to the high and rapid profits achieved by  investors through.
Queen Pace (Coinbase)
2012 was founded in the United States, one of the most famous and most powerful digital currency trading world platforms, it makes the process of buying and selling of these currencies is very easy, while providing strong protection for traders, as the platform has a large number of market indicators and graphs needed  users to analyze market movements when you log on to trading

  (Binance platform)
We chose this platform within months of digital currency trading platforms because it offers a long list of currencies other than the most common digital currencies, as well as to provide a custom interface Arab-Arab traders.
2017 was founded in America, and since 2019, has become one of the most powerful trading platforms in the encrypted currencies in the world, and allow the platform only deposits in US dollars by users world through communications global financial association between banks (SWIFT), but allows users to purchase a specific number of encrypted currencies  directly using credit cards, also allows 12 currency deposits using other paper.

Bisq (Bisq platform)
We chose this platform within the digital currency trading platforms because it is an exchange of decentralized open source platform without "requirements KYC" (KYC).
It is a "Software" program (software) downloadable and exchange Alpetkoan and other encrypted currency pair to pair, so I do not have this program a central control point can not be removed, so like coin Alpetkoan itself, which means full control of the investors.

(Cash App)
We chose this platform digital currency trading platforms because it is extremely easy to use, and gives traders flexible options to withdraw to the governor and other encrypted currencies.
"Cash August" transfer money from one currency system to another, much like the application of "grows" (Venmo), This service allows users to buy food for their friends or pay the rent for their colleague in the room or even online shopping with the retailer supports the application, it can also be  this application works primarily as an account bank, and users can get their own discount "Cash August" cards.
Platform "The DS FX" (NSFX)
Licensed financial company by the European Union and the Securities Commission and the Central Bank in the State of Malta since 2013, monitored by the Authority of Malta Financial Services (MFSA), and the availability of various digital currencies such as Alpetkoan and Alaatriom and Ribl and Alaatkoan and Alpetkoan Cash, as well as trading services to Forex and shares of international companies  supported.

Voyager "(Voyager)
American popular platform to invest in encrypted currencies, and was one of the first exchanges, which was founded in New York City in 2017 with the aim of trading in these currencies publicly.  The capital of the company more than $ 100 million US, was put up for public subscription, and are traded in Canada and the market "OTC" (OTC) in the United States.

EToro "(eToro)
It is one of the most popular digital currency trading platforms in the world, founded in 2007, and is licensed in both Cyprus and Australia and are subject to the laws and financial regulations in those countries, and recorded by more than 11 million investors from around the world, and are trading in more than 15 digital currency  , it characterized by providing a digital trading platform and interactive social, and other features provide Arabic interface facilitates trading on Arab traders in the digital currencies.

British company supports the Arabic language, and has branches in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia, and is one of the best and the latest international brokerage firms, in the forex market, investors can through which the interaction and trading is easy and simple, providing commercial precision platform in the global markets, and is a brokerage firm  the only guarantee that stop orders limit profit, whatever the market, where investors implement all orders automatically conditions.
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